The INSTAP Study Center for East Crete,
Pacheia Ammos, Crete, Greece
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INSTAP Study Center for East Crete
Additional Terms & Conditions (*) *The INSTAP Study Center for East Crete has instituted an expanded policy for those using the Study Center's facilities. The 2014 Membership Form must be filled out and emailed to Elizabeth Shank (elizabethshank@hotmail.com) and Eleanor Huffman (eleanorh@otenet.gr) at least two weeks BEFORE Project Directors or Team Members are given access to the Study Center. Project Directors need to email Elizabeth and Eleanor a list of all Team Members for their pojects, and the dates when they will be present at the Center. The INSTAP Work Rules and Policies document must be given to all Team Members to read. Each Project Director is responsible for collecting his or her team's COMPLETED 2014 Memership Forms and emailing them to Elizabeth and Eleanor. By signing the 2014 Membership Form, all those using the Study Center's facilities agree to abide by the rules and polies outlined in the INSTAP Work Rules and Policies document.
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Kentro Newsletter

Kentro Volume 17 - Fall 2014
The Excavation at Mesolithic Damnoni: Investigations of a New Culture on Crete

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