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The operations of the Study Center in Greece are supervised by a managing committee, consisting of the directors of the excavations and surveys that use the Study Center and who are also affiliated with the American School of Classical Studies at Athens (ASCSA), and several officers from the ASCSA and the INSTAP Study Center. The managing committee appoints the Study Center’s director and staff in Greece and oversees budgeting activities. The Board of Trustees is responsible for the approval of budgets and appointments and general advocacy and fundraising on behalf of the Study Center.

In Greece, the Study Center is led by the director who is appointed to a five-year term. The director supervises a staff (currently numbering 30 individuals) of full- and part-time employees and private contractors. The U.S. Study Center office is located in Philadelphia. The executive director and the U.S. administrator are responsible for administrative, financial, and fundraising activities. All INSTAP SCEC personnel are expected to follow the Work Rules of the Study Center.

Managing Committee

Jeffrey Soles
Philip P. Betancourt
Thomas M. Brogan
Elizabeth Shank
Jack L. Davis
Leslie P. Day
Susan C. Ferrence
Geraldine C. Gesell
Donald C. Haggis
Panagiotis Karkanas
Floyd McCoy
Jennifer Moody
Margaret S. Mook
Jerolyn E. Morrison
James D. Muhly
Bonna Westcoat
Thomas Strasser
L. Vance Watrous
Kostas Chalikias
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