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Individuals or groups wishing to use the Center should download a project or individual application and a membership form below. All applications and membership forms must be submitted by email to the Director, U.S. Coordinator, and Business Administrator for approval prior to your arrival. The cost is U.S. $65 per person for up to two weeks, or U.S. $125 per person per month. Projects pay U.S. $125 per person per season, up to a maximum of U.S. $2,000 total. Bills and payments can be handled at the Study Center or through the United States Coordinator. Fees entitle members to use all facilities and services. In becoming a member, you also agree to abide by the Study Center’s Work Rules and Policies.

Individual Application
Project Application
Membership Form
Covid 19 Waiver Form
SC Work Rules and Policies and Work Rules Supplement
Publication Team Application

Fellowships, Internships, and Grants

Each year the Study Center offers three fellowships for doctoral research (R. Seager Fellowship), doctoral research or post -doctoral research (H. Boyd Hawes Fellowship), and post-doctoral research (R. Hägg Memorial Grant). Support for these initiatives is provided by the Friends of the INSTAP Study Center. Internships are also available for supervised training in petrography and object conservation. Finally, we offer a library and archive fellowship.

Richard Seager Fellowship

The Richard Seager Doctoral Fellowship was established in 2009 with the goal of helping doctoral candidates use the resources at the Study Center to bring their dissertations closer to completion. With your help, we can reach our goal of $4,000 for the next fellowship. Click here to donate electronically. We also welcome check donations in euros or U.S. dollars which can be given or mailed to Eleanor Huffman at the Study Center (please make checks payable to the INSTAP Study Center for East Crete) or mailed to Elizabeth Shank at the U.S. Office.

Seager Guidelines (PDF)
Seager Guidelines (Word)
Seager Application (PDF)
Seager Application (Word)

Past Recipients

2010 Jerolyn Morrison
2011 Konstantinos Chalikias
2012 Michalis Zoitopoulos
2013 Florence Liard
2014 Emilia Oddo
2015 Paraskevi Stamataki
2016 Georgios Doudalis
2017 Katerina Boukala-Karkagianni
2018 Luke Kaiser
2019 Christine Spencer
2020 Charles Sturge
2022 Carly Henkel

Harriet Boyd Hawes Fellowship

The Harriet Boyd Hawes Fellowship was established in 2017 with the goal of incorporating gender studies in Aegean Bronze Age archaeology to highlight various aspects of ancient life that have not yet received sufficient attention. This fellowship is open to those in the fields of Anthropology, Art History, Ancient History, or Classics. The recipient of the fellowship will use the resources of the Study Center to aid their research. The Hawes Fellowship was founded with the generous support of the Ms. Foundation for Women. With your help, we can reach our goal of $3,000 for another fellowship. Click here to donate electronically. We also welcome check donations in euros or U.S. dollars which can be given or mailed to Eleanor Huffman at the Study Center (please make checks payable to the INSTAP Study Center for East Crete) or mailed to Elizabeth Shank at the U.S. Office.

Hawes Fellowship Guidelines (PDF)
Hawes Fellowship Guidelines (Word)
Hawes Fellowship Application (PDF)
Hawes Fellowship Application (Word)

Past Recipients

2017 Caroline Trémeaud
2017 Julie Hruby
2018 Florence Gaignerot-Driessen
2020 Maria Anastasiadou
2022 Céline Murphy

The Robin Hägg Memorial Grant

We are pleased to announce that the Robin Hägg Fund is offering a grant of €1,500.00 through the INSTAP Study Center for East Crete to support postdoctoral research in the field of Aegean prehistory by scholars wishing to conduct research in Greece. Candidates from all countries who have completed their doctorate within the past eight years and are under forty years of age are eligible to apply.

The Robin Hägg Memorial Fund was created in memory of Robin Hägg, in accordance with his own wishes. It is administered by the INSTAP Study Center for East Crete and the Swedish Institute at Athens. The fund remains open for contributions, which can be made through the SEB bank account of the Swedish Institute at Athens: 5811-3313400 (IBAN: SE1150000000058113313400 and BIC ESSESESS for donations from outside Sweden). All donations should be marked “Robin Hägg.”

Past Recipient

2017 Rebecca Worsham

Petrography Internship

The Institute for Aegean Prehistory has established a four-week internship available every year to graduate students in archaeology, geology, and related studies who are interested in acquiring experience in ceramic petrography. Emphasis is given to the archaeological component of the discipline—the strategy behind sampling for petrographic projects—as well as the criteria for grouping fabrics and the methodology of describing thin sections. The internship takes place at the INSTAP Study Center for East Crete.

The interns are encouraged to bring their own thin sections (if they are already involved in the study of an assemblage); otherwise, they work on projects provided by the Study Center. The interns also have the opportunity to use all the facilities available at the center, namely the library, the geological reference collection, and the computer lab.

Past Recipients

2004 Jerolyn Morrison
2005 Georgia Kordatzaki
2006 Christina Rathossi
2007 Maria Dikomitou
2008 Justin Leidwanger
2009 William Gilstrap
2010 Ariane Jacobs
2011 Vayia Xanthopoulou
2012 Samantha Ximeri
2013 Anastasios Georgotas
2014 Sergios Menelaou
2015 Ayla Krijnen
2016 Müge Bulu Akar
2017 Niki Saridaki
2018 Niki Kougia
2019 Evgenia Dammer
2020 Stavroula Fouriki

Conservation Internship

Since 2000 the William D.E. Coulson Conservation Laboratory has hosted more than 40 interns from both Greek and international conservation programs. These internships give students an opportunity to conserve excavated material and to participate in the work of an active conservation laboratory as part of their training.

Two eight-week internships are available each year during the busy summer period. To be considered, you must be enrolled in or have recently graduated from a degree-level conservation program. To enquire about an internship contact Kathy Hall.

Internships at other times of the year also can be arranged, and career conservators who are interested in a professional development placement furthering skills in the reconstruction of archaeological ceramics are also welcome.

Librarian Fellowship

The Institute for Aegean Prehistory (INSTAP) is pleased to announce the availability of a Librarian Fellowship of $28,000 plus reasonable travel expenses to be awarded on a competitive basis to an eligible candidate at the INSTAP Study Center for East Crete (SCEC) in Pacheia Ammos, Greece. This fellowship is intended for librarians or library students, or for scholars in the field of the Aegean Bronze Age/Early Iron Age. Candidates with course work in Library Science or library work experience are preferred. It is not necessary to have completed an advanced graduate degree to be eligible. To enquire about the fellowship, contact Elizabeth Shank.

Past Recipients

2005 Evi Sikla
2006 Eleftheria Daleziou
2007 Yuki Furuya
2008, 2009, 2015 Melissa Eaby
2010 Vera Klontza-Jaklova
2011 Lily Bonga
2012 Sophia Makri
2013 Stavroula Flouri
2015 Gabriella Lazoura
2016 Rebecca Hahn
2017 Despoina Papadopoulou
2018, 2020 Niki Saridaki
2019 Vaso Papadopoulou
2020, 2021 Eleftheria Almasidou

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