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Tom Brogan delivered a lecture at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens in January 2019 highlighting the mission and operation of the INSTAP Study Center. A video of the talk is available in the video archive of the ASCSA.

Since 1997 the foundation has worked closely with the Lassithi Ephorate of the Greek Ministry of Culture, the Institute for Aegean Prehistory (INSTAP), and several affiliated projects of the American School of Classical Studies to develop a comprehensive approach to excavation, study, and heritage management. While archaeology has long stressed the importance of temporal, spatial, or material changes in assessing ancient cultures, archaeologists are now drawing equal attention to changes in the way we approach the past. A strong case can be made that those of us working in the field today are witnessing a truly transformative period in the history of archaeological research. While advances in new technologies certainly are playing a role, the more important story is how they are being harnessed. The lecture considers the evolution of the INSTAP Study Center from this perspective, emphasizing our efforts to meet the emerging needs of the wider archaeological community on Crete and around the Aegean.

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