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New finds from the Gournia Excavation Project offer a renewed understanding of the Neopalatial phases of the
site. Our excavations have revealed that the site underwent a major reorganization at the beginning of the
Middle Minoan III period, transitioned smoothly from the Middle Minoan III to the Late Minoan I period, then
suffered a major disruption towards the end of the Late Minoan IA phase. Rebuilding at the beginning of Late
Minoan IB was followed by a further disturbance in the early part of the period, and then by the final Neopalatial
destruction and abandonment at the end of this period. This paper will present in detail pottery evidence from
deposits that date to these various phases, including assemblages from the palace as well as domestic/industrial
structures in the northwestern area of the site. By presenting the pottery evidence from these deposits in detail,
it is hoped that a better understanding of the ceramic phasing of Neopalatial Gournia and its historical context
can be achieved.

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