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Oudemanhuispoort Hall, University of Amsterdam (Photo by E Shank)
A welcoming sign for the conference (Photo by E Shank)
Gert Jan Wijngaarden opens the conference (Photo by J Driessen)
Tom Tartaron delivers opening lecture (Photo by T Brogan)
Jim Wright, Irene Nikolokopoulou, and Leonidis Vokotopoulos respond to questions about their papers (Photo by E Shank)
Judith Weingarten delivers her closing remarks (Photo by J Driessen)
Robert Laffineur with Florence Gaignerot-Driessen: the transfer of a beloved tradition of conferences and publications (Photo by J Driessen)
Cheers! At the speakers dinner we were all thrilled to see Helena Thomas (Left to right, Robert Laffineur, Helena Thomas, and Karen Polinger Foster)
Hydor participants gathered for a final photo.

The XXth International Aegean Conference, HYDOR Water Resources and Management in the Aegean Bronze Age, was held at the University of Amsterdam, 11-16 June, 2024, organized by Robert Laffineur, Gert Jan Wijngaarden, Jan Paul Crielaard, Joost Crouwel, Jan Driessen, and Jill Hilditch. A marvelous opening night reception with a lecture by Thomas Tartaron titled “Water-Worlds of the Aegean Bronze Age: Toward a Comprehensive Perspective” started the event off very nicely. The papers were well-attended and sparked interesting conversation. Closing remarks were made by Judith Weingarten in her usual inimitable style. Afterward, it was announced that Robert will retire from hosting the Aegaeum conferences and publications, and has entrusted it to our wonderful colleagues, Jack Davis, Florence Gaignerot Driessen, and Eleni Hatzaki, at the University of Cincinnati College of Arts and Sciences. We all want to thank Robert for founding the Rencontre égéenne internationale and his many years of tireless work organizing  and publishing the conferences- all 20 of them to date! The event was closed with a lovely dinner for the speakers that was a relaxing and delicious end to an inspiring experience.

Papers by INSTAP Study Center personnel and projects:

Thomas BROGAN, Chrysa SOFIANOU, Vili APOSTOLAKOU, Melissa EABY, and Dimitra MYLONA, “Maritime Coastscapes and Small Worlds in East Crete during the Middle and late Bronze Age”

Susan FERRENCE, Chrysa SOFIANOU, Philip P. BETANCOURT, Alessandra GIUMLIA- MAIR, Konstantinos CHALIKIAS, Melissa EABY, J. Mark KENOYER, and Geoffrey LUDVIK, “Maritime Coastscapes and Big Worlds: Crete and the East in the Late Bronze Age”

Myrsini GKOUMA, Panayiotis KARKANAS, Thomas BROGAN, Chrysa SOFIANOU, and Yannis PAPADATOS, “Minoan occupation in wetland areas: results from the geoarchaeological study of Minoan habitation in the area of Ierapetra, East Crete”

Dimitra MYLONA, “Fish and marine mollusks from freshwater and brackish aquatic habitats on Bronze Age Crete”

Joseph SHAW and James WRIGHT, “Evidence for seafaring at Kommos harbor, Crete. Ceramic, architectural, and other international interconnections”

Robert Angus K. SMITH, “Spouting Off: An Investigation of the Functionality of Pouring Spouts in Neopalatial and Pospalatial Gournia”

Elizabeth SHANK, “Depictions of Water in Miniature-Style Wall Paintings”

Jeffrey SOLES, Costis DAVARAS, Chrysa SOFIANOU, and Georgios DOUDALIS, “1000 Years of Water Management at Minoan Mochlos, ca. 3100-1430 BC”

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