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This fall Carly Henkel (above right) began her doctoral studies under the supervision of Dr. Evi Margaritis (above left) at the Science and Technology in Archaeology and Cultural Research Center (STARC) of The Cyprus Institute. Her dissertation will investigate the role of plants in the ritual landscape of Bronze Age Crete through the analysis of archaeobotanical material from several sites, including Alonaki on Mt. Juktas, Knossos Anetaki, and Petras. This research will constitute the first Ph.D. dissertation to concentrate exclusively on the archaeobotany of Crete.

Carly first came to the Study Center as a member of the Gournia excavation team before joining field projects exploring Neolithic Pelekita, Bronze Age Koumasa, and Early Cycladic Daskaleio. After earning her M.Sc. with a specialization in archaeobotany from the University of Leiden, she participated in several archaeobotanical projects at the Study Center finding and identifying many carbonized seeds such as those below. In December she returned to the Archaeobotany Lab of The Cyprus Institute to continue her doctoral research.



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