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Due to a situation beyond our control, our fundraising trip this May (MINOTAGE: Archaeology Meets Cretan Wines) has been postponed.

Download the full program here!

Guided by archaeologist and wine writer Al Leonard, and leading archaeologists including Tom Brogan (Director of the INSTAP SCEC) and Kostas Chalikias (Assistant Director of INSTAP), as well as guest specialists, the tour will emphasize both Minoan civilization and modern Cretan wines that are its legacy. You will walk the ancient sites where Minoan viticulture was born and discover five exemplary vineyards with structured tastings of their legacy wines, enjoy excellent meals and wines at specially chosen restaurants, and reside in luxurious accommodations at two locations in Crete.

This all-inclusive tour is managed by the Eos Study Tours team, who have planned and directed for over 20 years all AIA Tours, the travel program of the Archaeological Institute of America. The tour will depart in May 17, 2024 and will be limited to a small group. You are encouraged to express your interest by calling 800-856-8951 (9am-5pm ET) or emailing

MINOTAGE is designed to inspire the next generation of scholars through the fellowship and internship programs of INSTAP SCEC.

*MINOTAGE (Minoan Meritage) combines the term “merit” (the quality of grapes) with “heritage” (the centuries-old traditions of winemaking) that we have inherited from the Minoans, Europe’s first great civilization.

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