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Attendees of the Organic Residue Analysis Sampling Workshop

On March 7, the Coulson Conservation Lab organized a workshop with members of the Laboratory of Applied Spectroscopies in Cultural Heritage, Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser, Foundation for Research and Technology NMR Laboratory, University of Crete, Department of Chemistry.  The speakers included Dr. Leonidas Vokotopoulos, Kathy Hall, and Dr. Marilena Konstantinou. The goal of the event was to outline a new a program of organic residue analysis by a team of chemists from the University of Crete (Dr. Sophia Sotiropoulou, Prof. Demetrios Anglos, Dr. Marilena Konstantinou, Prof. Apostolos Spyros, and Lila Ralli) using samples collected by the conservation staff of the INSTAP SCEC (Kathy Hall and Matina Tzari). We look forward to the results.

Sampling guidelines poster

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