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Dr. Jenny Tsafou celebrates with friends

On March 15 and 16 the director of the INSTAP SCEC delivered a pair of seminars to the Aegis Group at the Université Catholique de Louvain:

Sopata, Mesorachi and the Beginning of the Bronze Age in Eastern Crete

The Form and Function of “Cooking” Installations in the LM IB Settlements of Mochlos, Papadiokampos and Chryssi

While there he also served on the doctoral committee reviewing Jenny Tsafou’s thesis: The Function and Use of Minoan Cooking Vessels in Minoan Crete. Her study offers a new approach to the function and use of Minoan cooking wares from Sissi and Mallia beginning with a formal analysis of shapes and use ware. These observations are then tested and refined with the results of two forms of organic residue analysis. A contextual analysis pulls these strands of evidence together to produce a novel understanding of cooking practices at both local and regional levels which in turn reveal common and unique traditions that changed over time.

Ilaria Caloi and Tom Brogan
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