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Fig. 1. Participants in the event (E. Huffman)
Fig. 2. Gerald Cadogan speaks on the finds form Myrtos Pyrgos (T. Brogan)
Fig. 3. Donald Haggis lectures on Kastro, Vronda, and Azoria (E. Huffman)
Fig. 4. Melissa Eaby’s presentation covering Kastro, Vronda, and Azoria (E. Huffman)
Fig. 5. Tom Brogan discusses the metal hoards from Building B.2 on Chryssi (E. Huffman)
Fig. 6. Yiannis Papadatos and Kostas Chalikias’ review of Gaidourofas, Stavromenos, and Neopalatial farmsteads (E. Huffman)
Fig. 7. Chrysa Sofianou’s talk on the Kentri chamber tomb (E. Huffman)
Fig. 8. Garyfalia Kostopoulou and Evi Saliaka guiding the group through the collection (E. Huffman)

On Sunday, 11 June 2023, the mayor of Ierapetra, Theodosios Kalantzakis, and Chrysa Sofianou, the director of the Lasithi Ephorate of Antiquities, hosted an event celebrating the reopening of the Ierapetra Collection of Antiquities (Fig. 1). A warm welcome from the mayor was followed by lectures highlighting material from recent excavations in the region, much on display for the first time. Gerald Cadogan led things off with a review of the important Minoan remains at Myrtos Pyrgos (Fig. 2). Donald Haggis (Fig. 3) and Melissa Eaby (Fig. 4) then covered the LM IIIC to Hellenistic remains in the hills above Kavousi at the sites of Kastro, Vronda, and Azoria. Tom Brogan followed with a review of the new metal hoards from the LM IB levels of Building B.2 on Chryssi and the sources of the copper, tin, and jewelry (Fig. 5). Kostas Chalikias and Yiannis Papadatos (Fig. 6) then introduced the new finds from recent surveys and excavations in the mountains northwest of Ierapetra: the monumental LM I building at Gaidourofas, the Neopalatial peak sanctuary of Stavromenos, and a network of dozens of Neopalatial farmsteads. Chrysa Sofianou finished the seminar with a review of finds from the LM III chamber tomb at Kentri (Fig. 7). The audience then moved to the museum for a tour of the collection by Evi Saliaka and Garyfalia Kostopoulou (Fig. 8). True to its billing the event was a feast for the archaeological senses flavored with a mix of discussion and new insights. We encourage everyone to visit the collection and the new displays. We’d like to thank Klio Zervaki who oversaw the reorganization of all of the exhibits.

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