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All of us at the INSTAP Study Center wish to congratulate our former petrography intern, Stavroula Fouriki, on the completion of her Ph.D. entitled “Exploring the ‘ceramic landscape’ of Late Bronze Age Chania, Crete (c. 1525-1200 BC): An analytical perspective.” Stavroula’s doctoral research was carried out under the supervision of Profs. Susan Sherratt and John Bennet at the University of Sheffield. Using an integrated approach of macroscopic study and archaeometric analysis, her thesis explores pottery production and consumption in LBA Chania. It establishes both local production and imports which in turn shed light on the chaîne opératoire of pottery manufacture as well as interconnections between Chania and other parts of the eastern Mediterranean during the LBA.

These are two of her recent publications.
Fouriki, S., 2020. “Petrographic analysis of cooking ware from Late Bronze Age Khania (LMIB-IIIB), Crete, ca. 1525–1200 BCE: Preliminary results on technology and provenance,” JASRep 34, 1–8.

Fouriki, S. and E. Nodarou, 2023. “Pottery traditions in Kydonia: preliminary results from the petrographic analysis of three pottery assemblages in Chania,” JASRep, 48, 1–6.

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