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Kentro Volume 20 Cover

“The INSTAP Study Center for East Crete Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary,” Thomas M. Brogan, pp. 1–3.

“A Report on 2017 Work Supported by the Hawes Post-Doctoral Fellowship for Gender Studies,” Julie Hruby, pp. 3–5.

“Architectural Investigations at Gournia: 2001–Present,” D. Matthew Buell and John C. McEnroe, pp. 5–10.

“Experiments with Orthophotography during the Erasmus+ Training Programme at the Kentro,” Rafał Bieńkowski and Agnieszka Kaliszewska, pp. 10–11.

“Memories and Realities in Neopalatial Mochlos,” Jeffrey S. Soles, Georgios Doudalis, Luke Kaiser, and Jerolyn Morrison, pp. 11–16.

“Eating Meat at Azoria,” Flint Dibble, pp. 16–17.

“Ten Centuries of Women’s History: An Archaeological and Iconographic Approach to the Minoan Civilization,” Caroline Trémeaud, pp. 18–19.

“The Petras Cemetery in the Early Minoan II Period,” Metaxia Tsipopoulou, pp. 20–22.

“Report on Research in 2016 Supported by the Richard Seager Fellowship,” Katerina Boukala-Karkagianni, pp. 23–25.

“The Lustral Basin Frescoes from Chania, Crete: Conservation of the West Wall Dado Panel,” Angeliki Kaintirmoglou and Elizabeth Shank, pp. 26–30.

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