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Kentro Volume 26 – Fall 2023

"Archaeological Museum of Hagios Nikolaos Reopens," Klio Zervaki and Chrysa Sofianou, pp. 1-2 "New Publication of Poros," Philip P. Betancourt and Nota Dimopoulou, pp. 2-4 "Canadians in East Crete: Explorations at Chavania," D. Matthew Buell,…

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Kentro Volume 25 – Fall 2022

"A Soles Celebration: 50 Years of Archaeological Research at Mochlos," Thomas Brogan, p. 1 "The Festschrift in Honor of Jeffrey S. Soles," Jerolyn Morrison and Joanne Murphy, p. 2 "International Workshop of Protopalatial Pottery of…

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Kentro Volume 24 – Fall 2021

"In Memoriam Costis Davaras," Thomas Brogan, Jeffrey Soles, and Philip Betancourt, pp. 1-4 "Hunting Clayey Materials in West Crete," Eleni Nodarou, pp. 5-7 "From the Registrar's Desk: A Report from the Mochlos Apotheke at INSTAP…

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Kentro Volume 23 – Fall 2020

“Work at the Study Center during the Covid-19 Pandemic,” Eleanor Huffman and Thomas M. Brogan, pp. 1–2. “Neopalatial Building B.2 on Chryssi Island,” Chrysa Sofianou, pp. 3–5. ““Intergenderism” in Neopalatial Seal Imagery with a Special…

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Kentro Volume 22 – Fall 2019

“Message from the Director,” Thomas M. Brogan, pp. 1–2. “Horns of Consecration from the Petras Cemetery,” Ariel Pearce-Chalikias, pp. 2–4. “New Evidence for Minoan Metallurgy at Neopalatial Gournia,” John Tristan Barnes, Doniert Evely, Scott Gallimore,…

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Kentro Volume 21 – Fall 2018

“Tracing the Funerary Ritual at Kephala Petras through the Evidence of the Human Skeletal Remains,” Sotiria Kiorpe, pp. 1–6. “Reconstructing Mochlos in the Late Minoan IB Period,” Angela M. Ratigan, pp. 7–8. “Ladies of Anavlochos:…

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Kentro Volume 20 Cover

Kentro Volume 20 – Fall 2017

“The INSTAP Study Center for East Crete Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary,” Thomas M. Brogan, pp. 1–3. “A Report on 2017 Work Supported by the Hawes Post-Doctoral Fellowship for Gender Studies,” Julie Hruby, pp. 3–5. “Architectural…

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Kentro Volume 19 Cover

Kentro Volume 19 – Fall 2016

“On Fish Bones, Seashells, Fishermen, and Seaside Living at Late Minoan IB Mochlos,” Dimitra Mylona, pp. 1–5. “Stratigraphic Excavations at Azoria in 2016: The Late Minoan IIIC, Protoarchaic, and Final Neolithic Occupation,” Donald C. Haggis,…

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Kentro Volume 18 – Fall 2015

“The J.M. Kaplan Fund Gives Grants to the INSTAP Study Center for East Crete,” Thomas Brogan and Stephania Chlouveraki, pp. 1–2. “‘Release the Drones!’ New Adventures in Aerial Photography and Photogrammetry,” Douglas Faulmann, pp. 2–4.…

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Kentro Volume 17 – Fall 2014

“The Excavation at Mesolithic Damnoni: Investigations of a New Culture on Crete,” Thomas F. Strasser, Eleni Panagopoulou, and Miriam Clinton, pp. 1–2. “A New Paradigm for Preserving Aegean Prehistoric Sites: The Role of Conservation Master…

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