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The 2020 petrography intern, Stavroula Fouriki, examined thin sections of Late Minoan IB–IIIB:2 pottery from Chania as part of her doctoral research at the University of Sheffield. She is using petrography and elemental analyses to investigate issues of provenance and technology. While on Crete, she examined comparative material in our collection of thin sections from two sites in West Crete, Aptera and the Kastelli Hill in Chania. Her paper entitled “Petrographic Analysis of Cooking Ware from Late Bonze Age Chania (LM IB–IIIB), Crete, ca. 1525–1200 BC: Preliminary Results on Technology and Provenance” was recently accepted for publication in the Journal of Archaeological Science Reports. We also would like to thank her husband, Adam Fraser, for his painting of an olive grove near the Study Center. The colorful landscape offers a nice counterpart to geology in the thin section of one of Stavroula’s LM III cooking pots from Chania (sample number CH 402).

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