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Chrysa Sofianou, Athena Tsigarida, and Tom Brogan at Magdalen College Oxford
Didier Viviers, Irene Lemos, Tom Brogan, Chrysa Sofianou, Catherine Morgan, and Athena Tsigarida at Merton College Oxford

On Feb 27, the director of the INSTAP SCEC and the director of the Lasithi Ephorate of Antiquties, Chrysa Sofianou, delivered a lecture at Oxford University entitled “Maritime Coastscapes and Small Worlds in East Crete from the Middle Bronze Age to the Hellenistic Period.” The talk was part of a seminar organized by Irene Lemos and Athena Tsigarida exploring “Harbors, Maritime Networks, and Infrastructures in the Ancient Mediterranean from the Late Bronze Age to the Hellenistic Period.” The trip also offered a chance to visit the Ashmolean Museum for a tour of its new exhibition, “Labyrinth: Knossos, Myth and Reality.” The show was curated by Dr. Andrew Shapland who did a wonderful job introducing both the legend and excavation of Knossos to give visitors a balanced view of Greek and British contributions (past and present).

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