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“In Memoriam Costis Davaras,” Thomas Brogan, Jeffrey Soles, and Philip Betancourt, pp. 1-4
“Hunting Clayey Materials in West Crete,” Eleni Nodarou, pp. 5-7
“From the Registrar’s Desk: A Report from the Mochlos Apotheke at INSTAP SCEC,” Angela M. Ratigan and Brianna Jenkins, pp. 8-9
“Update on Study Center Operations during the Covid-19 Pandemic,” Eleanor Huffman, p.10
“Animals and People on the Island of Gavdos in the Early Part of the Late Bronze Age,” Dimitra Mylona and Katerina Kopaka, pp. 11-17
“Woody Resources, Fuel, and Wood Use in the Late Minoan I Settlements at Mochlos, Papadiokampos, and Chryssi,” Maria Ntinou, pp. 17-21
“Seeds of Ritual: An Archaeobotanical Approach to Investigating Ritual Activity in Bronze Age Crete,” Carly Henkel, pp. 21-25
“Messages from the Librarian Fellows,” Eleftheria Almasidou and Niki Saridaki, pp. 25-26
“Petrographic Analysis of Late Bronze Age Ceramics from Chania: A Preliminary Report of Imported Pottery,” Stavroula Fouriki, pp. 26-35
“Renovations to the Antiquities Collection in Ierapetra,” Chrysa Sofianou, p. 36
“Support INSTAP SCEC Fellowships,” p. 37

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