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“A Soles Celebration: 50 Years of Archaeological Research at Mochlos,” Thomas Brogan, p. 1
“The Festschrift in Honor of Jeffrey S. Soles,” Jerolyn Morrison and Joanne Murphy, p. 2
“International Workshop of Protopalatial Pottery of Bronze Age Crete,” Georgios Doudalis and Ilaria Caloi, pp. 3-4
“Petrographic Analysis of Ceramics from the Peak Sanctuary of Galeniano-Mamaloukos,” Eleni Nodarou, pp. 4-7
“The 2021-2022 Season of Greek-American Excavations at Mochlos,” Jeffrey S. Soles, Georgios Doudalis, Costis Davarasꝉ, and Chrysa Sofianou, pp. 7-9
“Events Celebrating the 25th Αnniversary of INSTAP SCEC,” pp. 9-11
“More than Simply “Foodstuff”: A Report of Plant Remains from Minoan Ritual Contexts,” Carly Henkel, pp. 12-15
“News from the Friends of the INSTAP Study Center,” p. 15
“Archives of the Sea and the Fascination of History and Archaeology,” Dimitra Mylona and Roxana Margariti, pp. 16-18
“The New Museum in Chania,” Susan C. Ferrence, pp. 18-19
“Congratulations to Dr. Evi Margaritis,” p. 19
“The Decorated Lustral Basin at Chania, Crete,” Elizabeth Shank, pp. 20
“Support the Next Generation of Scholars,” p. 21
“January Meeting of the Friends of INSTAP SCEC,” p.22
“Support a Conservation Intern and Essential Preservation at the Study Center Lab,” p. 23
“Save the Date! Departing Mid-May 2024: Minotage,” p. 24
“New Titles from INSTAP Academic Press,” p. 24

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