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Lily Bonga
Laura Ursprung Nerling
Jeff Vanderpool
Doug Faulmann and Leslie Day work on a drawing

A Pair of Recent Projects in the Heraklion Museum

We want to thank the staff of the Heraklion Museum for helping our members and staff on two recent projects. The first was organized by Leslie Day and involves a new study of Harriet Boyd’s…

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Fig. 1. Participants in the event (E. Huffman)
Fig. 2. Gerald Cadogan speaks on the finds form Myrtos Pyrgos (T. Brogan)
Fig. 3. Donald Haggis lectures on Kastro, Vronda, and Azoria (E. Huffman)
Fig. 4. Melissa Eaby’s presentation covering Kastro, Vronda, and Azoria (E. Huffman)
Fig. 5. Tom Brogan discusses the metal hoards from Building B.2 on Chryssi (E. Huffman)
Fig. 6. Yiannis Papadatos and Kostas Chalikias’ review of Gaidourofas, Stavromenos, and Neopalatial farmsteads (E. Huffman)
Fig. 7. Chrysa Sofianou’s talk on the Kentri chamber tomb (E. Huffman)
Fig. 8. Garyfalia Kostopoulou and Evi Saliaka guiding the group through the collection (E. Huffman)

“Let’s talk about the Archaeological Collection of Ierapetra”

On Sunday, 11 June 2023, the mayor of Ierapetra, Theodosios Kalantzakis, and Chrysa Sofianou, the director of the Lasithi Ephorate of Antiquities, hosted an event celebrating the reopening of the Ierapetra Collection of Antiquities (Fig.…

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Fig. 2. Alex Knodell delivers the opening lecture (K. Tzortzinis)
Fig. 3. First slide from lecture on Chryssi Island Botany by C. Henkel, E. Margaritis, and M. Ntinou (S. Ferrence)
Fig. 4. Conference Organizers and Opening Night Speaker (S. Ferrence)
Fig. 5. Aerial photo of the participants (K. Tzortzinis)
Fig. 6. Lecture by S. Ferrence (K. Tzortzinis)

Chryssi Island and the World of Littoral Archaeology: Contextualizing Island Research around Crete

The old customs house at Pacheia Ammos was again the site of a two-day conference, this time focusing on Chryssi Island and island archaeology of small islets around Crete (Fig. 1). The meeting started on…

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