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Tom Brogan and Chrysa Sofianou. Photo by Joanna Vasdeki.
George Doudalis discussing Tomb 15 from the LM III cemetery. Photo by Joanna Vasdeki.
Abigail, Jeff, and John Soles with Jeff’s grandchildren. Photo by Joanna Vasdeki.
Susan Ferrence, Jeff Soles and Jerolyn Morrison with copies of his books. Photo by Joanna Vasdeki.
Tom Brogan, Jeff Soles, and Georgos Zervakis with the plaque awarded to Jeff by Georgos. Photo by Joanna Vasdeki.
View of the audience sitting outside Kochilia Taverna with the island of Mochlos in the background. Photo by Joanna Vasdeki.
Jeff Soles with Georgos Frangiadakis and Michalis Kyriakakis. Photo by Joanna Vasdeki.

A Soles Celebration: 50 Years of Archaeological Research at Mochlos

Friends from Mochlos, Crete, and the wider archaeological community joined members of the Soles family Friday night (July 29) to celebrate the outstanding work by Jeff Soles at the site of Mochlos since the early 1970’s. Chrysa Sofianou,…

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#INSCRIBE Project Visits the Study Center

In late June the Study Center hosted Yiannis Xenikakis, Roberta Ravanelli, Matilde Civitillo, and Riccardo Vosa (pictured here left to right), who are working on the #INSCRIBE Project with Prof. Ferrara. The work will be published in…

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News from the Study Center Library!

Several members have inquired about space in the library this spring and summer, and we are looking forward to welcoming everyone back. This winter, library intern Eleftheria Almasidou has been busy ordering over 100 new…

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